Bathroom Renovations

With experience across building, construction and plumbing, the team at Neutral Bay Plumbing has a unique set of skills and qualifications to produce high detailed and reliable installation, understanding and providing the necessary skills with the various up to date installations materials and the respective techniques resulting in pure quality.

The owner of Neutral Bay Plumbing, Gerry van Hulsen manages every bathroom project. With 20 years experience, a European background and an interest in the finer European finishes, Gerry has skills and style to produce a top quality bathroom.


The Neutral Bay Plumbing team is completely licensed and professional. Our goal is to improve the quality and add value to your property while supplying you with trustworthy installations to reduce maintenance where possible.

We believe the success of our work comes from good communication with our clients. We supply clear costing and ensure all aspects of the job are decided prior to starting work. We are also respectful of client deadlines.


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    Bathrooms by Neutral Bay Plumbing

    Our Services

    Emergency Plumbing

      • You can call us 24/7 on (02) 9969 5031
      • Available within the hour
      • We service Neutral Bay, Cremorne & Mosman suburbs

    Domestic Plumbing

      • We assist with all your plumbing and hot water
      • Repairs & installations for your renovations
      • Excellent track record in plumbing problem solving

    Gas Installation

      • Gas leak repairs, including emergencies
      • Repair & installation of gas lines for your renovation
      • Gas pipe fitting & gas appliances installation

    Kitchen Preparations

      • Specialising in preparation work required for your new kitchen
      • We work to high detail & specifics with your selected kitchen designer
      • We help you to make your kitchen work perfectly