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Blocked Drains & Sewage Experts

Our team of expert plumbers have vast experience in clearing blocked drains and blocked sewers efficiently. We have the expertise, know-how and the equipment to deal with any size blockage issue in an efficient and professional manner.

We are available for 24/7 emergency sewer or drain issues in Neutral Bay, Mosman & Cremorne (NSW).

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    How do you unblock a badly blocked drain?

    When your drain is blocked in your Cremorne, Mosman or Neutral Bay property, you can go about and try using a plunger or pour hot water down the drain, followed by cup of bicarbonate of soda and a cup of vinegar in hot water.

    However, when the blockage is more severe, or further down the pipes, you properly need a more professional method. Neutral Bay Plumbing offers a wide range of methods to help to unblock your drain or sewage, not matter how severe the blockage or  and how far down the pipes.    

    CCTV Camera Inspections

    In case the block is very severe, we first use a drain CCTV camera to identify the exact location of the block & what is causing the clog. This is one of the best methods to detect the cause of any persistent blocks in the drain.

    Jet Blasting

    In most instances, we use jet blasting technology to clear stubborn drain blockages and this is a very effective way to clear the most stubborn blocks caused by food, debris and dirt build-up.

    Chemical Drain Cleaning

    We use dye testing to detected stormwater drains breaks and identify location of leakages. 

    How Our CCTV Camera Drain Inspections Work

    Our camera inspection process is fairly straightforward.

    First, we will locate an entry point to access your sewer or drain pipe. Entry points are usually easy to locate and accessible. 

    Next, we will insert our camera, which is attached to the end of a cable, into your drain or sewer pipe. The camera sends a video feed to our monitor, which assists us to locate any problems within your pipes. How far our camera cable will be deployed into the drain will also allow us to assess as to where an issue may be present.

    Once the camera inspection process is complete we will know exactly what state your drain or sewer pipe is, or if there is a blockage. 

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    We offer Mosman, Neutral Bay & Cremorne gasfitting services.

    Kitchen Installations

    We offer customised designed or off-the-plan kitchen installations.

    Bathroom renovations

    We are specialising in high-end, top quality bathroom renovations.

    Why Choose Neutral Bay Plumbing?

    All-size Projects

    We service all size plumbing projects, including emergencies like hot water problems, blocked toilets or flooded areas. 


    Blocked Drains

    We specialising in clearing blocked drains and pipes at domestic and commercial properties

    Detailed Finish

    We are hailed for our detailed finishing & on time delivery of any size project


    100% Local Business

    We are a truly Neutral Bay plumbing business. We service the Mosman, Cremorne & Neutral Bay areas only, so we arrive on time at scheduled appointments or we can attend to your emergency plumbing requests quickly


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    Frequently Asked Questions About Blocked Drains & Toilets

    Council, Sydney Water or Owners: Who is Responsible for Blocked Drains?

    As a general rule, property owners are responsible for the maintenance of any pipe located upstream of the point of connection to Sydney Water’s sewer mains.

    While Sydney water are legally responsible for maintaining sewage mains, home owners are responsible for wastewater pipes (also known as sewer pipes) within their property’s boundaries. These are known as ‘private wastewater pipes’.  

    As Sydney Water is responsible for sewer chokes found in public wastewater pipes, and property owners should immediately phone 13 30 90 to report any difficulties. A sewer clog in private wastewater lines is the homeowner’s responsibility. If you experience a blockages in your drains, call us immediately.

    Are you unsure where the blockage lies?

    If you are unsure of the location of the blockage, we can use our CCTV camera to locate it and determine who is responsible. If the authorities determine that there is an issue, the property owner may be paid for any plumbing fees and expenditures incurred by completing the Sewer choke claim form and attaching an invoice from a professional plumber.

    Local Council’s Responsivity

    The local council will not resolve a blocked drain on its own. But they do have the right to direct someone else to do so. This is because maintaining drains are council’s responsibility as well. If there are complaints that a property owner is not carrying out maintenance or repairs responsibly, the council can be contacted. They will issue issues and notices to the property owner requiring them to fix broken pipes and unclog drains.

    These notifications are posted to keep the property and its surroundings healthy and safe. As a result, a licenced plumber should be contacted immediately to fix the issues. Additionally, the property owner will be responsible for all associated costs, such as labour.