Our Frequently Asked Questions

My council water notice seems excess compared to previous periods – what should I do?
A Make sure no taps are still running. Even dripping taps can ramp up your water bill fast. Check your outdoor taps by disconnecting any hoses. Leaks in residential plumbing systems can also be found in the toilet tank. Toilet tank leaks usually result from worn parts or improper alignment of some part of the flushing mechanism. It is important to stop the leak happening as soon as possible.

If no reasonable explanation can be found, it could be an indication of an underground water leak or cistern wasting water at your property. With our leak detection equipment we survey your home and underground pipes for water leaks. We will also inspect your plumbing fixtures and fittings for performance. In most cases excess water charges can be refunded if a licensed plumber has carried out the plumbing repairs so call us today!

Why does the water temperature in the shower suddenly drops when the toilet is flushed or another appliance use water simultaneously?
A After you have flushed the toilet, its tank starts to refill by opening a valve. Water runs through this open valve and is diverted from the water pipe connected to the shower. How much water is diverted from the shower depends on how the piping is done and how wide the valve opens. If you do experience excess drop in shower pressure when water is used by a toilet or appliance, we can investigate the problem for you.
Tap has become difficult to turn on or off.

Over the years, it can become harder to turn on or off older taps. This can caused by a worn or scaled up valve . The best way to prevent this from happen is to try to close a tap as gently as possible; never use force to ‘fully’ close it.

Luckily, fixing a leaking tap is easy so you it should cost you a fortune. However, do not try to fix the tap yourself as modern valves have slightly different arrangement and if you are not an expert, it is easy to order the wrong parts.

When I shower and someone uses a tap at the same time, I loose some hot water and shower jet gets a bit weaker.

A few things can be happening here. Your water main could be too small and cannot cope if extra (hot) water is added. Sediment could also have built up at the opening of valve of your hot water system. Or there could be corrosion, which is common as the water temperature fluctuates, causing your pipes to corrode. As this problem could have multiple causes, we recommended to give us a call to assessment the situation and discuss a plan that best suits your home and your water demands. [/dropcap]



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