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Leading Mosman & Neutral Bay Gas Fitters

Neutral Bay Plumbing are the leading gas fitting company in Neutral Bay, Mosman and Cremorne. We have vast experience working with all major brands of hot water systems, gas heater and gas appliances services.

We offer 24/7 emergency gas fitting and repair services as required.

With our long-established reputation for professionalism and quality service, we have pride in helping local households find long term solutions. If you are looking for a professional gas fitting service to install a gas line, gas meter or gas appliance in your home or business, Neutral Bay Plumbing is your choice of gas fitting plumber.

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    Our Neutral Bay Gas Fitting Services

    Neutral Bay Plumbing gas fitting services include:

    • 24/7 Gas emergency services
    • Gas appliance installations & conversions
    • Gas appliance maintenance & repairs
    • Gas leak detection and repairs 
    • Gas connection inspection and service 
    • Gas bayonet fitting and installations
    • Gas heating and cooking appliances
    • Gas hot water systems installation and maintenance
    • Gas pipe installations and relining
    • Gas room heaters
    • Gas cylinder fitters
    • Installation and replacement of gas valves gas meters and related pipework
    • Gas BBQ installations

    We can also assist you with the repairs & installations for your custom designed or of-the-plan bathroom, kitchen or any other domestic renovations.

    Gas Home & Kitchen Appliance Services

    Our licensed gas technicians have experience in installing a wide range of gas appliances or equipment. As the leading kitchen installers in Mosman and Neutral Bay, we specialise in the installation, repair and maintenance gas cooktops, ovens and stoves. Our technicians are well-trained and and equipped with the knowledge to handle any issues related to gas cooktops.

    All our installations are delivered to the highest standards and with the greatest care, to make sure that they operate safely. We cater to business and home properties, and in addition to installing gas appliances and fixtures, we can also offer gas barbecue installations at your outdoor area.

    Our gas appliances services include:

    • Installation of removal of your kitchen gas stove, ovens, stoves or burners
    • Repair of electrical boards
    • Identifying gas leaks
    • Changing gas pipes and tubes
    • Replacement and cleaning of gas burners
    • Diagnostic testing of sensors, relay, control module, thermostats
    • Installation of fans or exhausts
    • Replacement of damage to glass top or ceramics

    Our Gas Appliances Specialities

    Gas Cooktops

    Gas Ovens

    24/7 Gas Leak Emergency Services Available   Call Us Now

    Gas Leaks Emergencies

    Gas leaks are potential hazardous, as they can not only cause an explosion but also poisoning or even asphyxiation. If you are suspecting a gas leak at your property, be careful as even the smallest spark can cause an explosion or fire. Any leakage in gas appliances or piping needs to be dealt with immediately. We are a 24/7 gas leaks plumber and will come to your property as soon as possible.

    Gas leaks are potentially dangerous jobs. Many gas pipes run under the ground or behind walls, and that can make it challenging to spot the origin of the leak. Gas emergencies should always be carried out by professional licensed gas fitters. Our gas technician will use the latest leak detection equipment to identify the source of the leak and fix it quickly. We have the license and experience needed to handle every gas-related task safely and reliably. 

    Why Choose Neutral Bay Plumbing?

    All-size Projects

    We service all size plumbing projects, including emergencies like hot water problems, blocked toilets or flooded areas. 


    20+ Years' Experience

    With over 20+ years of experience, we know how to find and fix any plumbing problem.

    Detailed Finish

    We are hailed for our detailed finishing & on time delivery of any size project


    100% Local Business

    We are a truly Neutral Bay plumbing business. We service the Mosman, Cremorne & Neutral Bay areas only, so we arrive on time at scheduled appointments or we can attend to your emergency plumbing requests quickly


    Our Other Speciality Services

    Emergency Plumbing

    We offer emergency plumbing services across Mosman, Neutral Bay & Cremorne

    Kitchen Installations

    We offer customised designed or off-the-plan kitchen installations.

    Bathroom renovations

    We are specialising in high-end, top quality bathroom renovations.